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Crush Your Job

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James Brown       Stuart Stirling
James Brown & Stuart Stirling
Unemployable, Day Job Haters


Dear Current Day Job Hater,

BEEEP! BEEEP BEEEP!! It's 6:00am...your alarm clock sounds, like a bucket of water splashed in your face to wake you up from your dream of floating on a tube in the Bahamas in the warm sunlight. You wish you were still dreaming as you roll over and hit the SNOOZE button for the third time wondering...

"Arghhhh!! WORK!"

Slowly, you drag yourself out of bed and run through your morning rituals, DREADING the though of another 8 hours at your job, your idiot Boss watching you and counting the minutes until 5pm. You think to yourself, "When will this nightmare end?"

Stuck In Your J.O.B.?! (Just Over Broke)

If you answered yes, you're not alone! It turns out that over 50% of people around the world are fed up with working 40 hours a week in a dead end job and living paycheck to paycheck and are desperately trying to find another way to make a living.

So where do they turn to look for a way to make extra money or start a new business to replace their JOB with one they actually like?

You guessed it - it's the INTERNET!

If you're reading this letter, I can safely assume you're looking for a way to make money online too. Maybe you only want to make a few extra hundred dollars a week or maybe your aspirations are big and you completely want to CRUSH your job and make a living online. 

But whichever way you want to go about it, we can help you get there.

You see, James and I have been where you are now which wasn't all that long ago. We know what it's like to be stuck in a crappy job, trading dollars for hours under the thumb of a dumb a** boss and desperate to find a better way.

And thank our lucky stars...we did CRUSH our jobs and we're now making a decent living from home on the Internet. But the best thing is that anyone can do what we did. 

You don't need to be smart or have a lot of money to be successful online. In fact, you'd be surprised to know how many skills and how much knowledge you already have that are needed to make ridiculous amounts of money online.

All you need to know is how to use those skills to your advantage, which is what we are going to show you exactly how to do.

Making Money Online - Is It A Scam?

In all honesty, the "make money online" scene these days is a disgrace! If you've ever tried some of the programs out there you'd know that they are traps. Most people get burned and some more than once in their efforts to make money online..and we've had our fair share of disasters with shady marketers too. 

90% of the "programs" and products are "hyped up" scams.

We hate the term "hype"...but that's what a lot of products released these days are based around. We're tired of being force fed overpriced "Hyped Up" manuals that offer nothing more than a few "flash-in-the-pan" strategies that will be obsolete before next weekend and I'm sure you are too.

Hype Is Misleading; Only Real Facts Will Help You Make Money!

Hype is like a drug, it only lasts so long. It fills a small void in you only temporarily. Hyped-up, over-priced emanuals give you a sensation of excitement and hope but unfortunately fall way short of the promises.

How many times have you experienced this sceanrio? You go out and purchase the latest product, software in a hope you will eventually break through onto the road to riches only to find out you have wasted your hard earned dollars again.

Eventually you will return to face the dark reality of your 9-5, 40 hour week that provides barely enough income to scrape by. You want to make it big online but you begin to wonder if there is anything out there that actually lives up to all it's made out to be...

Stop Thowing Away Your Money On Rubbish, Hyped-Up Products!

What we're about to say is something many people claim and so very few ever really deliver.

This is important and very direct, so please read it carefully...

The Sad Truth About Most Make Money Products

Most of the web sites out there that provide "how to make money" are hyped-up junk. They are full of fluff, and if anything, only give you a couple of nuggets worth of information.

They give you a couple of links to go visit or some other interesting site or new tool you can use...

Most of the marketers who are selling "how to make money online", are not making six figures. Most have not owned their own businesses and many of them just copy others... regurgitating crap to turn around and sell the same crap to others...


That's what you usually get from so many others; fluff, half-answers, BS and small nuggets of information or resources. Maybe... if you are lucky... you'll find something worth the money.

Most Of The Time, Their Products Are Garbage, Full Of Fluff & Not Worthy Of Your Hard-Earned Cash Or Time.

You see, for most marketers, if they do find something extremely valuable that works... they keep it to themselves. They do not want others ruining their little gold-mines they found.

But Not Here! We Spill The Goods!

We leave nothing hidden, no stone unturned. We have taken everything we have learned through our combined 21 years of experience of doing business online and compacted it down into 1 highly valuable info-packed guide.

We both know what it's like to be left in the dark... when you don't receive the "whole picture" as was promised on the sales pages and fancy videos.

So we dug deep to give you every little ounce of knowledge we have about making a living online so you can finally crush YOUR job too and live the life you always wanted to!

Let's face it. There is still plenty of money to be made on the internet. Sharing our experience and knowledge with you is not going to put a dent in our future success. That's why we don't mind sharing our secrets. We know how to make money regardless of competiton.

But mainly we just want to help you because we don't like seeing honest people getting ripped off by shady marketers who only care about how much money they make.

We're know you're probably very excited and ready to get started...

But before you download this guide, we have a question for you...

If we told you that we'd...

Share Everything We Know & Show You
Exactly "What To Do" & "How To Do It"
To Set Up Legit & Reliable Money-Making Systems...

Would That Make You LEAP Out Of Your Chair With Excitement?

I hope so, because that's exactly what you're about to discover in this guide. 

Look, we're sick of all the hype and over-priced garbage just as much as you. The last thing we want to do is sell you a product that doesn't deliver on our promise. 

We've been marketing online for over 20 years combined.

We know what works and what doesn't - we've been "in the trenches" so we know what it really takes to quit the daily grind and make a living from home, by being our own boss, doing business on the internet. 

It may sound like fiction and hype, which we're trying to avoid here, but "Crush Your Job" is one of those diamonds in the rough

A no-holds barred info guide containing literally everything we have learned about starting and running a successful business and enjoyable life, rolled into one solid resource. 

We've trimmed all the fat and are giving you just the meat. 

If you're tired of all the hype and scams online, then THIS is the one thing you need to finally free yourself from the daily grind and make a real LEGIT living online, just as we have done.

We're Revealing Our Online Marketing Strategies, Tactics And Systems You Can Use To Create Your Own Reliable Passive Income Streams Starting Today For An Insanely Tiny Investment!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!
Crush Your Job - The Job Crusher Manual!

This manual is jam-packed with simple and straight forward steps & strategies you never knew existed about making money online!

From basic, to intermediate, to advanced instructions on how to create for yourself a full-time income online is revealed here with zero hype and zero fluff!

This is the golden-goose of information you have been looking for!

Crush Your Job

What you're about to discover within the pages of "Crush Your Job" are the exact same strategies, tactics, action steps and mindsets we use to sit at home in our shorts and t-shirt and watch money pour into our back accounts! You can do the same thing once you know how. 

It does not take being some genius or anything either...

Unlike most "A" list marketers (who only give you a few nuggets), we are going to show you: 

Real techniques, honest information and straight-to-the-punch "Real World" tactics for creating multiple, residual income streams through niche info-products!

Here's What You'll Get In This 149 Page Fact-Filled Manual...

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Make Money Even If You Have No products, No list, No money, Are Dead Broke, Frustrated and Hate Your Current Life Sucking Day Job!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Identify A "Hungry Market" Where Rabid Buyers Will Snatch Up Your Information Left & Right... Guaranteed!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Create Your Own Product Which You Can Start Selling Online Quickly (in a matter of hours) And Keep 100% Of The Profits!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Generate TONS, And TONS Of Website Traffic FAST (in less than a week!)

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Totally DOMINATE In Your Niche Market & Crush Your Competition!

Plus We'll Show You...

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  Over 200 Profitable Niche Markets Overflowing With Buyers, Already Identified For You (We've Done The Work For You!)

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  What Niche Markets You Shouldn't Waste Your Valuable Time On :(

You Will Also Find Inside...

  How To Separate Yourself From 99% Of The Internet Marketers Who Never Make A Dime Online And Never Will!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Quadruple Your Revenue In "Hungry Markets" By Using Specific Techniques That Drive Traffic To Your Web Site

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Set Up Backend Products (for bigger profits)

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Set Up One Time Offers That Go Off Like A Rocket (make even more money)

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Write Sales Copy That Actually Converts Visitors Into Buyers!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  How To Be An Expert In Your Niche Fast (in a week!)

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!  Plus a lot, lot more!

"Crush Your Job" is such a dynamite resource that when you apply the information we share, it will change your life forever. 

This 149 page publication is absolutely GOLDEN!

If you do nothing else... except take this manual and read it, you'll have in your hands a publication that just Flat-Out Destroys anything you've ever read on Internet Marketing, Success and Getting Rich in your whole life until now!

Sure that's a bold statement, and we know what we're up against when we say it. But seriously, this manual really is that good! It is easily worth as much as $97! 

Our manual reveals information about making money online that is unlike anything you have ever seen!

But don't just take our word for it....

Real Testimonial...

"I Highly Recommend Crush Your Job 2.0..."

Hi Stuart & James,
"I highly recommend Crush Your Job 2.0. I found it very helpful in getting me to focus on what I could offer rather than following someone else's plan. For me, that's the most important thing about not having a J.O.B."
Mike Spurgeon
Get More Out Of Business!

Real Testimonial...

"Teaches You To Stay Focused..."

"Exellent outline of the various ways to make money online. I also like the way it teaches you to stay focused on your objective. Often it is too easy to get sidetracked by the ups and downs of building and maintaining a successful business online."

Ed Penner

Real Testimonial...

"Shame It Did Not Go On Forever..."
Hi Stu & James,

I found your eBook “Crush Your Job” guide a damn good read – it was a shame it did not go on forever – what I’m trying to say is I’m a procrastinator first class.

At the moment I’m going through the newbie phase – information overload and I’m drowning in it – and still seeking more - almost like an illness – looking for the golden nugget.

But after reading “Crush Your Job” I think there might just be a chance for me – hopefully. :)

It’s just a matter of nailing oneself to the office chair and sticking with one job at a time and not moving on to the next until the first job is completed - then moving on to the next.

Yes I whole heartedly recommend “Crush Your Job” guide - to any body looking to set up a sound internet biz.

Victor (Vic) - Spain

What Would You Give To Get Out Of The Job You're Stuck In Now...and Finally Break Free!?

Fact: More than 50% of the US population hate their job. 

If you're still reading this letter, it's clear that you're in that "Job hater" percentage and would give your arm and leg to get out of it. 

Relax, you're not the first and you won't be the last. Your dream of finally breaking free from your JOB is closer to reality right now than you ever expected. 

All the mind straightening informationthe exact steps to take, the self-motivation building advice and encouragement you've been looking, you'll find in your copy of Crush Your Job.

And the best part is you don't have to give your limbs to get your hands on it.

For a limited time, you can download our Crush Your Job guide instantly and join the thousands who are currently making a living online from home for a tiny investment of just $77 $47 Now less than $10!

This is a one time payment and is small price to pay for the value of the information that will let you throw away your alarm clock and be your own boss - with the potential to make as much money as you want!

Are You Serious...I Can Get 'The Original Job Crusher Guide' For The Same Price As A Large Pizza?

Yes, you can own this no-fluff guide for a measly $! And the catch? Well, I know it sounds hard to believe, but there really is no catch!

We're just plain old sick and tired of seeing good everyday people getting ripped off and frustrated by over-hyped guides that aren't even worth the bandwith it took to download.

Quite frankly, we're not going to be making a fortune from selling this ebook at this price. But that's ok. We'd rather you have a quality product, and if you like it, you might buy our other products in the future.

No doubt you've seen the other guides similar to this one selling for $77 and up. They look good on the outside, but usually fall short when it comes to the content. That is where "Crush Your Job", for a fraction of the price, leaves all the other "gurus'" products to shame.

And we guarantee it!

We're dead certain you will be completely ecstatic and possibly even shocked that this guide actually delivers so much solid content for such a small price.

So much so that you are backed by our rock-solid 60 day, 100% money back guarantee which means you can order Crush Your Job 100& risk-free!

Simply put, if this guide isn't the best value-for-money ebook you've ever bought about "making money online", contact us asap and we'll rush your investment straight back to you. No questions asked. You can even keep the bonuses.

All the risk is on us. You have absolutely nothing to lose - but SO much to gain!

Truly, this is one ebook you can not afford to miss out on. If you only buy 1 ebook this year, make it this one. You'll never look back!


BONUSES! We've LOADED up the download page with several amazing, high-value bonus downloads to make this offer that much sweeter! You'll just have to wait and see what they are :-)



Yes! I Want To Crush My Job & Earn A Living Online Following Your Step-By-Step Guide!

"Rush me a copy of your step-by-step guide that'll show me the proven money-making system I can use to "crush my job" in 90 days or less... and be earning reliable, passive income online!

Crush Your Job In 90 Days Or Less!

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Crush Your Job

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Listen, if $10 is too much to spend on something like this then don't buy lunch for a couple of days. Instead, take a packed lunch from home. Not only will it be more healthy for you, it'll give you the chance to ditch your day job and enjoy a new life with your own home Internet business. Its your choice!


James Brown & Stuart Stirling

P.S. Seriously, for the same price as a Starbucks coffe and muffin, we'll teach you how you can finally say "Sayonara" to your boss and your dreaded day job and start earning legit and reliable income online from home! How can you seriously pass on that?

P.P.S. What are you waiting for? If you do nothing, you get nothing. Don't be another nothing. Opportunities of this nature come are extremely rare! Do yourself, your family and loved ones a favor and grab your copy before you miss this extraordinary opportunity!

Get started crushing your job 100% risk free today!

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